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Hi! I'm Dr. Ellie Heintze and I love talking about digestive health! I help my clients achieve amazing digestion, conquer the hurdles of living with food allergies, and empower them to obtain a healthy life they always wanted. I specialize in digestive health from stomach pain to food allergies, I got you covered. I center my programs to help end the overwhelm of taking on new dietary changes and equipping you for long-term success. It can be fun and easy! Let me empower you along the way. 


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About me...

Dr. Ellie Heintze is a health empowerment coach for individuals looking to finally end the overwhelm of digestive imbalance.

She specializes in digestive health, IBS, food allergies, and optimal energy living.

Dr. Ellie sees clients in-person or virtually through individual or group sessions and online health programs and classes.

She is also the author of the "Starting Point Guide to Gluten-free Living and Healthy Digestion" book on Amazon and the creator of The Food Allergy Formula.


Latest articles and information to help you find freedom from food and finally feel great again!

hidden sugar

Foods with High Amounts of Hidden Sugar

By Ellie Heintze

Foods with High Amounts of Hidden Sugar Sugar is the real culprit. For many years people have been led to believe that saturated fat is the main cause of heart disease. However new studies have revealed that saturated fat is far less harmful than sugar. It is no surprise that that chocolates, fizzy drinks, sweets…

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